The base of hair care is to deliver right dosage of vitamins and other valuable ingredients, which are responsible for beautiful and healthy hair (e.g. essential fatty acids).

avocado-oil.jpgNo hair can regenerate if not strengthen at the root. Scalp condition is of great relevance as well, because it has direct impact on the condition of hair. It can be compared to a soil in which grow plants. If it’s productive and well nourished, plants grow healthy, ripe and beautiful. It is similar with hair – if scalp fights disease, hair will suffer from the situation as well.

For this reason, the foundation of beautiful hair is taking care of scalp and hair bulbs. Without properly balanced dosage of vitamins and valuable essential fatty acids hair can grow weak, liable to damages, brittle and matte, and with passing time they start to fall out.

Perfect solution with a guarantee of complex regeneration and hair nourishment will be avocado oil.

It is incredibly valuable, full of vitamins oil obtained from pulp of green avocado. It is quite thick and efficient. It perfectly works for damaged and dry hair as well as exceptionally dry scalp prone to dandruff.

Oil from pulp of green fruits is truly unique due to content of seven vitamins with direct impact on the beautiful appearance of hair.

  • vitamins B – prevent hair loss and boldness, restore and strengthen hair shaft,
  • vitamin A – strengthens hair structure and is responsible for faster hair growth,
  • vitamin D – inhibits hair loss,
  • vitamin E – takes care of general skin condition, prevents premature ageing,
  • vitamin H – regulates work of sebaceous glands and sebum secretion and additionally prevents bacteria proliferation on scalp, so prevents all inflammatory skin changes,
  • vitamin K – takes care of good scalp condition and strengthens hair bulbs,
  • vitamin PP – prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

Properties of the aforementioned “magnificent seven” vitamins is magnified by unsaturated fatty acids, e.g. oleic acid in amount of 70% of all fatty acids in avocado oil. EFA stimulate absorption of vitamins to the inner hair and scalp structures. They heighten vitamins properties and are responsible for the correct functioning of the processes taking place in the cells.

This makes avocado oil an amazing and truly intense regenerative treatment for hair and scalp. On top of that, will ensure your hair not only with essential care, but also an in-depth long term renewal. This cannot be done by any shampoo or even best hair conditioner.