Avocado oil is an irreplaceable source of seven vitamins (A, B, D, E, PP, H, K) and oleic acid which belongs to the group of omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acids.

For this reason, avocado oil is irreplaceable in hair care, especially of extremely damaged, weak, falling out, high porosity hair. The diversity of vitamins makes it a great choice for those who struggle with disturbed water-lipid barrier, hair loss, and want to boost its growth.

Avocado oil also takes care of the resilience of the strands. It protects from damages caused by mechanical and external factors. Your hair will be saved from rain, frost, wind, strong sun, heat of the dryer, flat iron or curler. Avocado oil is a quite den

Nanoil Avocado Oil – Vitamin Bomb for Your Hair & Skin

Avocado oil is one of the best beauty oils. It belongs to the group of natural beauty enhancers, having extremely beneficial effect on hair, body and face. Searching for the highest-quality avocado oil? Nanoil won’t let you down, that’s for sure. Organic avocado beauty oil which gets

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4 effective products with avocado oil

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“The Magnificent Seven” in Avocado Oil

The base of hair care is to deliver right dosage of vitamins and other valuable ingredients, which are responsible for beautiful and healthy hair (e.g. essential fatty acids). No hair can regenerate if not strengthen at the root. Scalp condition is of great relevance as well, because

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Hair care: What’s hidden in the avocado oil?

Avocado oil is one of the most popular oils for hair and scalp care. It’s thick, efficient and rich in nourishing ingredients oil gifted by the trust of many women. It is perfect for both hair oil treatment and as a thick serum for strengthening of hair

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Hair regeneration after the Summer. Avocado oil – The perfect therapist.

Avocado oil belongs to the canon of the best essential oils for hair care. When we think “care” we mean complex nourishment based on elimination of all problems concerning hair and scalp. Avocado oil is a remedy for all ailments, which can happen to hair during the

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Avocado oil is a quite dense oil. This is the quality that gives the oil extra power when it comes to conditioning abilities. It works well not only in hair oiling. It can be used for other hair strengthening treatments. These are the most important ones:

1. Dry hair oiling with avocado oil – traditional and most effective method of hair nourishing.

You apply the oil to dry hair and scalp and leave it on as long as possible (preferably overnight). After the treatment, wash the oil away with a delicate shampoo. Hair oiling should be performed at least once a week. You will get the best results if you do the treatment every 2-3 days.

2. Wet hair oiling with avocado oill – consists in applying the oil to slightly wet hair.

It is a good idea to wet your hair with a home-made herbal infusion (e.g. camomile, nettle, horsetail, lime tree). You don’t need to leave the oil forever. An hour or even 30 minutes are enough. Then, wash your hair as always.

3. Avocado oil added to a conditioner.

Avocado oil will be a great additive to a conditioner that you usually use after shampooing. It is dense, therefore it will blend well with the conditioner and the application will be trouble-free. Remember that in this form it cannot be applied to the scalp – spread it on the strands only.

4. Avocado oil as hair ends serum.

It will be an irreplaceable treatment which strengthens hair ends and prevents splitting. It is dense thus easily applied. It creates a protective layer on hair. It should be applied to washed and dry hair ends.

The above-mentioned methods are the basic methods of using natural oils in hair care. You can choose one that suits you best or combine all four of them to provide your hair with spectacular and fast regeneration. Good luck!