Nurtures, heals and…tastes well. We are talking about avocado oil. It is commonly referred to as oil of seven vitamins. It can be used on hair, scalp, face and entire body. Argan oil is recommended to all types of hair and complexions. Discover the valuable properties of this precious substance.

The oil is extruded from the pulp of the avocado fruit. Unpurified liquid has more nutrients and active components. These include, vitamins (A, B, D, E, H, K, PP), essential fatty acids, minerals (potassium, silicon, manganese) and antioxidants. It also contains a natural sunscreen. Avocado oil can be used by people with sensitive skin, suffering from allergies or from acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Owing to its properties and composition, avocado oil is willingly used in cosmetics. It moisturises dry strands and irritated scalp. Provides hair follicle with many nutrients, strengthening them, and stimulating hair growth. What is more, it strongly nourishes the skin providing it with a protective coating and prevents damage. Avocado oil has a light texture, so that the application is very pleasant. Furthermore, the product does not stick strands and does not leave a greasy film. Hair is radiant, soft to the touch and smooth. Avocado oil is perfect for hair oiling. It protects strands and scalp from free radicals, UV radiation and other harmful factors.

Avocado oil is well suited as an addition to your favourite cosmetics. You can add it to creams, masks, and some edible products, (milk, yogurt, honey). This liquid will nurture your hair and scalp. Discover the action of avocado oil used in products for different hair types.

Nanoil Hair Oil


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Thanks to avocado oil and other ingredients, Nanoil hair oil regenerates, disciplines and conditions strands. Rich composition, easy application, light texture and amazing effects make many women find it a very effective cosmetic. See for yourself whether you fall in love with it as well.

Nanoil hair oil with avocado is a versatile product. It works both on the strands and the scalp. It makes your hair moisturised, beautifully shining, smooth and soft to the touch. It prevents drying, static and frizz. It helps styling, disciplines unruly strands, reduces drying time and facilitates brushing. Nanoil hair oil with avocado oil regenerates hair, restores its internal structure and makes it resilient. What is more, it nourishes the scalp and helps fight against dandruff. It protects the strands from sun radiation, free radicals, harmful external factors, some of the ingredients contained in hair dyes and high temperatures generated by styling tools. As a result, Nanoil hair oil with the content of avocado oil leaves your hair beautiful, strong and healthy at all times and your scalp – nourished and moisturised.

Nanoil hair oil contains avocado oil, which is extruded from the pulp of the green fruit. Not without reason it is called green gold. It contains the power of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. These substances take care of both your scalp and your hair. For nurturing your strands you only need one pump of the cosmetic squeezed onto the palm of your hand. If you count for really brilliant effects, then use Nanoil hair oil with the content of avocado oil as often as possible.

Nacomi Avocado Oil


Nacomi Oil is recommended for every kind of hair, scalp and body. Its main ingredient is avocado oil, which contains seven vitamins. The cosmetic has a very dense formula and in low temperatures it might turn into gel consistency.

Avocado oil contained in Nacomi is responsible for proper hair care. This precious liquid contains essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. It improves the condition of hair and scalp. Nacomi oil has moisturising, soothing and anti-radical properties. It may be helpful in treating dandruff and other skin diseases. Moreover, it strengthens the hair follicles and prevents excessive hair loss. Products with avocado oil, including Nacomi oil, are especially good for hair oiling. Thanks to such treatment, you strands will become more prone to styling, brushing will be easier, and hair will regain shine and softness. This oil will protect your hair from the sun radiation, free radicals and other harmful factors.

Use Nacomi hair oil with avocado for hair oil treatment. Apply a large quantity of the product to dry hair and scalp. After one hour wash everything with a shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Nacomi hair oil with avocado oil is available in two versions of capacity: 50 ml and 100 ml. The packaging is equipped with a pump that will facilitate every application.

L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil


L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil is suitable for all hair types. Its main tasks are: illumination, smoothing and preventing static and frizz. It contains avocado oil which effects are enriched with grape seed oil.

L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil regenerates and nourishes strands and moisturises the scalp. It strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair loss. The product has antioxidant properties responsible for reducing free radicals. It is also anti-ageing and prevents premature graying of hair. Besides, L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil facilitates styling hair and disciplining unruly strands. Applied to wet hair makes it easier to comb, and applied before styling prevents the strands from becoming frizzy. Avocado oil contained in the cosmetic provides hair and scalp with many essential nutrients. They include vitamins and minerals; we owe them beautiful and healthy as well as stronger and luminous hair.

The bottle equipped with a pump contains 100 ml of L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil with avocado oil. The product can be applied both before washing and before drying your hair. It has a light texture, is easy to apply and rapidly absorbed by the skin and hair. To achieve satisfactory results, use L’Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil with avocado oil after every wash.

Bielenda Precious Oils Avocado 3 in 1


Precious Oils Avocado 3 in 1 from Bielenda is recommended for body, face and hair care. The bottle with a pump comes in a 150 ml capacity, which is enough for a few months of treatment. The cosmetic contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Check, whether you will be happy with its results.

Cosmetics with the content of avocado oil, including Bielenda Precious Oil, work really well. They have antioxidant properties, reduce free radicals and prevent strands from damages and ageing. Hair becomes stronger, more resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. What is more, they provide hair and scalp with proper hydration, flexibility and nutrition. Such cosmetics protect strands from the sun, free radicals and many other harmful external factors. Thanks to Bielenda Precious Oils your hair and scalp will be moisturised, shiny and stronger. Also, the cosmetic comprises ingredients that facilitate styling and protects strands from heat generated by the dryer or curling iron.

How to use Precious Oils Avocado 3 in 1 from Bielenda? Just one pump of the cosmetic onto the palm of your hands, and then thoroughly massage it into the scalp. The product with avocado oil can be applied to both dry and wet hair. Very good effects are achieved after applying oil to the hair ends. This way you shield them and prevent splitting and damage.